It’s Market Fundamentals: Learn to Influence.


Are you looking for how to do effective marketing?

Searching on the internet is Overwhelmed and frustrating?

if so, I will surely help you with my experience and understanding of marketing.

I am writing here in a simple way for you the useful THREE MARCOM METHODS that the top marketing people are already following.

Before going to step into directly, I am starting with marketing base principles. You should be knowing it. Because these Marketing concepts are there from the ages in the society, not newly discovered and it remains unchanged.

The fundamentals of marketing:

Three are several ways to understand marketing concepts.

Marketing is the most important investment in a business that gives a direct return. The ultimate purpose of doing marketing is to capture a trusted position in the minds of strangers.

Peter Druker, a famous American management consultant has said “The Aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself…The aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous”-.

Simply, Marketing is all about giving the right message to the right people at the right time. Once it is done, sales are its consequence.

Now you might have a question,

what is the right message?

who are the right people?

The message is the product or service that you want to give as a value to your customer.

There will be a perception that good marketing can sell any products or services. To some extent it is true but not always.

If you are not focusing on the quality of the product and did good marketing, convince the people all the time then it will be frustrated to you some point of time.

once people have experienced your products or services and felt that these are not good, your marketing efforts will become zero and no use. You lost market trust.

In the market, there is nobody easily trust. you need to develop trust in customers.

Once trust develops in the mind of people, they come to you directly whenever they want to purchase a product or your services. Every time need not convince people.

Actually , good Marketing makes selling easy, it is a catalyst for your sales growth. because of the quality products or services that itself sells. The value or a message that you want to create for your customers through your products or services will tell you the longevity of your business.

You need to make the customer happy all the time then only they will refer to other people to purchase your products.

Great products or services with a combination of good Marketing is not only helping the customer to find the right product/services but also make a good impression about your product/services.

So you should focus on how to create and give the right value to your customers.

So, next is you need to know the right people to target. If you want to sell a pin or the plane, in either case, the buyers will be people. so, need to understand people, how they are buying, and why they are buying.

you are giving gold ornament and teddy bear to a small baby. she will pick up later. because for her, joy comes from a teddy bear, not from gold. it is more attractive for her too. but it doesn’t mean the cost of the teddy bear is more than gold ornament. But the kid chooses only what gets her joy or fulfillment for her.

similarly, you need to focus on people who exactly needs your products or services.

Digital Marketing vs Traditional marketing

There are different ways to do Marketing activities. The medium that is using for marketing activities will be changing based on the mode and reaching scale. For example, in olden days one of the marketing methods is using word of mouth, later it is the print format, radio, TV, and now social media platforms and digital marketing.

if the product is created for everyone, TV or radio or traditional marketing methods are very much useful to reach millions at a minimal cost. But the Disadvantage of traditional marketing is you can not personalize the communication and limited scope to trace results for your marketing activity. you can not do direct sales for high ticket conversions. But the Traditional marketing method is useful when you use to sell low-cost generalized products or need to reach out to a wide range of market segments.

In Digital marketing, digital is also just a platform and it is more about tools and techniques to reach out to people. digital platforms keep changing. But Digital marketing is the best method to reach out to people who are using the internet and active on social media. Currently, there are 100Millions are actively using the internet and social media, most of the reach out is in tire 1 and 2 cites in India. You can connect them directly and get feedback to create products and services that exactly they are looking for.

The major advantage of digital marketing over traditional marketing is it is working on the Direct response marketing method. With this direct response marketing, we can measure specific results. For example. When you run an ad on TV, it can’t give you the size of the audience that they are watched your ad. But with the Direct response type of marketing, you get an immediate response so that you can encourage your lead to take action towards product purchase.

Okay, now you know what is marketing fundamentals and different marketing modes. But exactly the question is how to approach and success in the market.

Here it is the top three Marcom methods you can just follow.

  1. CATT Marketing Funnel :
Welth=N ^ CATT

The purpose of any business is to create wealth and help the customers to fulfill their requirements. There is a method called CATT Marketing funnel. Top digital marketers in India are following it. Here I am giving it as a formula for simple understanding.

Wealth =n^ C A T T

Wealth is equal to N to the power of C A T T.

Here “N” is Niche, which is your core interested skill subject.

Niche selection:

First, you need to select your Niche market, where the target people have a problem and you are going to solve that problem with your services or product.

when we select a niche, it should not be too broad category because it can distract your focus and dilute attention in your target market, and at the same time, it should not be a very specific segment that can’t behave market potential. Selecting the niche category where your competencies are good is the key to success. so select your niche carefully with a profitable niche selection technique given below.

It should be the Intersection of a set of Your TALENT, MARKET, PASSION

Ask your self 3 simple questions and answer yourself to find the right niche.

Problems that I can solve with my talent?

Are there enough potential people looking for my solution?

Is really I have a passion to solve their problems?

Once you select your niche, focus on your target market.

“C” meant for Content.

You will Crete content that will be useful and attract your target market. Content should be anything, you can prepare information in a niche market through creating your blogs, posts, lead magnets, live webinars, e-books, etc.

“A” meant for Attention.

once you create content and published or delivered, you are going to focus on your target market for attention or traffic towards your content. In Digital marketing, there are different tools and methods to use for driving traffic like SEO, Referrals, paid and organic ads, etc

“T” meant for Trust.

If you start getting traffic and leads that are paying attention in your content, you have to nurture your leads by developing trust within them. To build trust with your audience, you can use tripwires, marketing automation techniques, and retargeting methods, etc.

Without building trust with your target market, you cannot convert them to buy.

“T” meant for Transaction

once you developed trust with your target audience, they will become your customers, some times you start converting them into your customers by doing webinars and follow-up, etc.

2.Integrated Digital Marketing

In the mode of digital marketing, they are different segments and Lot of people thinking that in each and every segment that they approach will get results separately.

For example, some Marketers choose and do content marketing and expect sales out of it. Some Marketers do email marketing and expect sales to happen but nothing happens. Some people spent on paid advertising and looking for sales.

Some do SEO marketing and want sales.

Basically it doesn’t work like that. One segment alone can not give you sales all the time, but it doesn’t mean you have to be experts in all, at least you can expertise in one segment.

You need to integrate all components and make a system, it will work for your long run.

For example, Instead of paid advertising and convert them for sale

Do Paid ads for content by advertising free content. Get contact details and ask people to pay attention to your content. Nurture leads through building trust. Sales will be happening automatically.

You just drive your all traffic to your content. This Traffic is received from different component activities.

It is nothing but the execution of the CATT funnel method by integrating all component activities in digital marketing strategy.

3. Personal Branding -MassTrust Blueprint.

Start your presonal brand

Everyone wants to become no1 in their field, but actually you see, people who are become no1 are only No1 in a particular segment.

It means you can try to be only one in your niche category. If required, make Subdivisions in your categories and Work on that subcategories to become leader. It is always better than being a number two or three in a category, be a number one even in a subcategory that you identify in yourself.

For example, in sports like cricket, they are no No1 cricketers but There are No1 bowler, batsman, wicket keeper legspinner, left-hand batsman, etc

Suppose, if your niche category is very competitive, better to find an alternative. It does not mean that you cant enter into a competitive market, if there are a big market and huge potential, you definitely enter but with your unique angle and establish yourself as the best alternative.

MassTrust Blueprint: If you are good at something and working hard but people don’t know about it. Nobody will use your services. People must know what you are good at, otherwise, people don’t reach you. Because In the market there may be people who have more experience than you but if you market yourself well people will come to you. You have to market yourself.

So You start building a strong personal brand around your personal niche category.

If you have a good personal brand, you can get customers easily.

Because your personal brand becomes an influencer and a brand ambassador for the companies.

You can Influence with your personal brand to grow companies. Because People want to hear from people not from companies.

For that You have to create your own story to will be more than a brand.

To influence others you develop trust with a personal brand. Just follow the below five-point mass trust blueprint recommend by digital Deepak in his internship program.

Learn: new skills

Work: practice it and then implement it in the real world.

Blog: write your learnings and experience. It is building your personal brand.

Consult: with your learned new skill, and work experience start consulting people to solve their problems instead of working under you get paid more also.

Mentor: after gained knowledge and consulting experience start teaching others.

Startup: finally you can start your own product or service business with understand ing that you have developed about the market, the problem, and your own skill.

MassTrust BluePrint

Keep do go through steps Learn -work — blog -consult — mentor -startup. it is cyclical in nature.

So, With the right marketing fundamentals and following the mass trust blueprint and CATT marketing funnel you can create a personal brand and influence the market effectively.

I want to know which way you are going to influencing the market right here from in the comments section.

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