What is success meant for you?

People defined Success differently; it is a purely personal thing,

it is just not a word it is motivation to take the next actions confidently.

So our every action must reach its desire results.

For example, suppose we are at the beach, wanting to throw a stone into the empty glass –it did, happy and we feel successes.

If not we feel guilty and trying one more time.

Actually, the result of that action gives us nothing except happiness at that particular moment only. That is what exactly success is, it changes from moment to moment.

We are aiming for certain results and doing actions, if it matches our expectations we feel successful.

In a larger way Every moment our actions are reaches our expectations we become successful. Be it money,( if I want to be a millionaire or near and my every action reaches its desire results then If I will be a millionaire and I feel success) we can apply to this to anywhere be it in a relationship, be it love be it wanting something from others anything.

If you find a customer after knocking door to door throughout the day, you get happy and feel successful even customer does not buy your product because your aim at that moment will be at least someone should be listening to you. even in the B2B sales process, you will have to feel success in different stages.

Real success happens when we are active in our full potential in every moment and every action. It does not matter whether we want to become rich, famous, doctor, politician, or whatever; success means we will take actions in our life to our fullest potential.

In a running race difference between winner and runner is just microseconds but people look up to the winner and prise his successes If that has to happen, The right kind of action, timing, and place are all important.

To summarize, Success is spending the majority of time focused on small tasks that are fulfilling, leveraging intelligence, maximizing potential, and helping other people in a meaningful way while getting happy experiences that one can desire”